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Around the World in Rochester


Looking to expose yourself to different cultures without leaving home?

Consider volunteering for Rochester Global Connections. With several options available for volunteers you will find an opportunity that fits you.


Friendship Volunteer

Friendship Volunteers are often vital to the success of international students as they face many new challenges in a foreign county. Volunteers are matched with an international student and are encouraged to introduce them to cultural activities, everyday life of a "typical" local, and practical support. Volunteer commitment: 1 year or less, 1-3 hours/month (on your own schedule!) 

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Dinner Host

Opening your home to an international guest for dinner allows you to make deeper connections and share with them a piece of your heritage. Whether you are sharing a recipe passed down through generations or ordering a pizza you will be able to share your home and traditions with a new friend. Volunteer commitment: 1x a year or more! Typically in the evening on a weekday or weekend. 


Cultural Host

Interested in expanding your own cultural understanding? As a Cultural Hospitality Host, you will accompany international visitors to local museums, concerts, sporting events and other cultural activities. Volunteer commitment: 1x a year or more! Typically on a weekend or evening. 


Home Hospitality

Open your home to international visitors staying between 1-3 weeks. Volunteers can experience a new culture and make new friendships from their own home. Volunteer committment: 1x a year or more! Times vary depending on length of program.       

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