Promoting Media Transparency in Cameroon and Algeria

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I am still responsible for the site, I started to organize training sessions with my collaborators to transmit to them what I learned during my stay in the United States, especially on the fight against misinformation, and on the future of the press in our country and in the world

My IVLP program has allowed me to broaden horizons, and to envision a new way of managing our information website.

As mentioned above, I organized with my colleagues a series of training sessions around information, how to talk about current affairs in a fun and interactive way, and how to fight misinformation.


Currently, I am setting up an association to educate the media and reduce the spread of fake news

My stay in the United States allowed me to realize that education could be a relatively effective barrier against fake news.

When I arrived in Cameroon, I organized a restitution ceremony for my colleagues to ask for more transparency in the relationship between our newspaper and the general public. And a presentation to the general public is envisaged in the coming days at the United States Embassy in Cameroon.