Open World Success: Launching a Private Dental Clinic in Ternopil, Ukraine

My trip helped to establish contacts and revitalize a sister-city relationship between Yonkers, New York and Ternopil, Ukraine. We can see great prospects for this relationship.
— Yevhen Loza

Yevhen Loza (left) participated in the Open World program in May 2017, exploring Rochester's resources on the topics of PTSD and Reintegration. After almost two years, Yevhen shares his success as a result of the program and the connections he has built during his time in Rochester. In addition to forming "Power of Revival" - an NGO created as a result of the sister-city cooperation between Ternopil and Yonkers, NY, Yevhen has been able to raise funds and partner with InterVol to send dental equipment to help launch his private dental clinic, which includes an assistance program to military veterans.